Superwhite Foam – what is it?

How can you call any surfboard foam Superwhite?

The basic ingredients that make up surfboard foam are famous for yellowing. Freshly made, seemingly white blanks yellow rapidly even in subdued light. The best polyols available in the market today will yellow in a short period of time! The clearest, so called white TDIs will attract colour faster than the polyols.
Considering MDI as a component for surfboard foam is out of the question colour wise. Adding dyes and brighteners often aggravates/accellerates colour development. 

So why is Surfblanks Superwhite Foam accepted all over the world as the best for colour stability? Surfboards that are made in a given season will still look white when that season rolls around again. Retailers love this fact as they know they won’t get caught with unsightly old stock.

Spraying a Surfblank Superwhite with white acrylic lacquer before glassing may enhance the finished board’s appearance, however it is rather pointless, as the foam yellow rate is very low already. It is well know that common/standard surfboard foams yellow under the white acrylic, and that this yellowing becomes very obvious early, in the life of the surfboard.

So why?
Having made surfboard foam for fourty plus years, Surfblanks has researched and mastered the formula that is today’s Superwhite Foam. Surfblanks does not use ‘off the shelf’ foam component materials.
Surfblanks is the only surfboard blank maker in the world to formulate and cook its raw materials into complex polyalcohols and prepolymers.

Bottom line?
1 – Prolonged whiteness.

2 – Finest cell of any surfboard foam – very low resin take up.

3 – Complex molecular structure for enhanced surfing characteristics (flex with memory).

4 – Amazing silky hand (fluffy white texture).

5 – Unmatched durability at any density.

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