New Superstrong Superwhite

Surfblanks Superwhite foam – upgraded to the new Superstrong Formula! 

Months of formula work, with years of experience, have resulted in a foam with compression strength that may be twice that of any other foam available anywhere in the world.

As huge a claim as this appears, once trialled it is very clear that this foam has no equal.

Appearance – Very fine celled, matt white foam.

Strength – Extremely resistent to thumb test at relative density (other makes).

Other benefits than those that are obvious this new foam has allowed the production of lighter blanks for normal use. So where as the Blue Superwhite was the shortboard standard, the Green Superstrong becomes the standard.

Since Super Strong has evolved with its amazing compression strength, the door opened for a lighter foam. Super Strong Pink density has been made in all blank sizes. Longboards are so light they can be glassed as heavily as desired. Shortboards have extra float – but still the urethane feel – without the EPS stop/go characteristic. Cell on this foam is tiny so there is little resin take up. Pink foam shapes nicely – finishes beautifully.

Glass job – best with 2 x 4oz deck and 1 x 4oz bottom – always better with warp cloth – better still S cloth – this blank is so light why cheat on cloth?

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