Our Guarantee

The Surfblanks South Africa Guarantee

No Surfblank (in a finished surfboard) is guaranteed against breakage, denting or damage that is the result of wear and tear. Only a suitable glass job can prevent the above.

No Surfblank is guaranteed against scorching and the resultant shrinkage. Scorching occurs at temperatures in excess of 100 degrees centigrade. This temperature can be achieved inside a parked car under the front and rear windows on peak temperature and ultra violet radiation days. Scorching is defined as a yellowed (cooked) glass job with prominent weave (styrene shrinkage) and shrunken foam under the immediate yellow zone.

Every Surfblank sold and converted to a surfboard is guaranteed to be dimensionally stable for six months from the date of purchase as a surfboard provided that,

1 – The blank was not overshaped by removing more than one half inch of foam from any flat surface or not more than four inches from any extremity ( nose, rails, tail) thereby exposing the lower density core and rendering it weak.

2 – Enough fiberglass cloth and resin are used to prevent the foam from compressing inwards under the bodily parts of a user or object. The glass job should resist wear, tear and delamination.

3 – The Surfboard is not exposed to temperatures greater than eighty degrees centigrade. Dark coloured cars parked in midday sunlight with sealed windows easily generate temperatures near to or in excess of eighty degrees. Dark pigment colours decorating the surfboard will achieve the same result.

4 – The Surfboard is not waterlogged through neglect and than subjected to temperatures that will steam the water under the fiberglass skin thereby driving the water further beneath the glass job, softening the foam surface and rendering it weak and unstable.

Should a Surfblank become dimensionally unstable (shrink or expand greater than 1% of its finished shape) Surfblanks P/L will reimburse the cost of materials plus labour to reproduce the same board, less the retail sale price of the faulty surfboard.

The reimbursement will be either in blanks or as a credit. Surfblanks P/L will decide the method of reimbursement based on distance to the manufacturer and status of the manufacturer’s account. The faulty surfboard will be resold by agreement between Surfblanks P/L and the manufacturer.

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