Surfblanks FAQ

Ordering, Payment & Shipping
Various issues that influence how and when a Surfblank product is supplied.

Question 1:
Does Surfblanks need hard copy orders?
Yes! If the order is not prepaid an email will secure the order. The hard copy assists us and you to know what, when and where! It is harder to screw up a hard copy order as opposed to a verbal.

Question 2:
Can the blank box be used again if it is returned?
Yes! If the condition of the box is good. Keep in mind that the saving on new box cost should not be wiped out by the freight (sender’s responsibility) required to return the used box.

Question 3:
How long is the wait for custom glue ups?
On average wait time for custom glue ups is aound 5 working days.

Question 4:
Does a custom glue/special density blank up need to be prepaid?
Yes! Due to the fact that not every other shaper appreciates another’s curves, we need you to commit to your special order. Due to the set up required for a non stock density we need the same commitment.

Blanks & Shapers Information
Questions or issues you may have regarding blanks.

Question 1:
Why is my shaped blank twisting during or after laminating?
1 – Glassing stands at different levels.
2 – Drying racks at different levels.
3 – Cloth weave is not squared up on blank so diagonal pull develops as resin dries and shrinks (styrene loss).
4 – Too much time has elapsed between bottom layup and deck layup – ie more than 24 hours.
5 – Blank is made from foam that is subject to stress release when cut on one side.

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