Custom Rockers


Surfblanks are able to machine cut stringers according to CNC generated cutting files.


To obtain the best accuracy in cutting stringer profiles to suite computer generated board shapes, we require the digital board file.


Surfcad, Boardcad, Akushaper, Shape 3D and various other programs. Please enquire.

There are three methods available to Surfblanks customers to secure their own rockers or glued profiles.

1 – One off change to existing rocker.

Order a blank/s with plus or minus nose or tail rocker. The rocker change is created by bending a blank (half) past an existing curve to give more or less rocker. Generally the increase or decrease is ‘faired in’ unless the customer requests otherwise. There is no charge for this, however no template or record is kept of this rocker change.

2 – Template made from altered rocker.

3 – For your convenience, all rocker templates are digitally stored and these files can be easil accessed and altered on your request.

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